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Omaha Bodywork Studio is available to do 10 minute chair massages at your work place! This service is provided to your company for FREE. With absolutely no strings attached. If you or your work is interested in setting up an Employee Massage Event, please contact April by calling our office at 402-334-1200 or emailing her at

Frequently Asked Questions ~


Increase employee retention
Improve employee morale
Decrease absenteeism
Enhance immunity, which means less sick days
Increase circulation
Provide greater energy
Improve concentration & focus
Improve overall productivity
Reduce stress
Reduce neck and back pain

What is Massage Therapy? Massage Therapy is a “hands on” treatment that is used to improve health through the manipulation of muscles and soft tissue.

What is an Employee Massage Event? An employee pamper event is an enjoyable and relaxing 10 minute massage for ALL of your employee to participate in. Our Licensed Massage Therapist will help relieve any of the day’s aches and pains so you can return to work feeling stress–free and rejuvenated!

How much does it cost? These events are 100% complimentary for your company and employees. We do this to provide you with a fun (and free!) event to break up monotonous work days while giving us a chance to get out in the community. There is NO selling! NO speeches. This is simply a community service that allows us to get our name out.

How long does it take? The sessions take no longer than a coffee break, so it will not interfere with your staffs production or work and they can return to work immediately.

Do my employees need to change in and out of their clothing? No, all chair massages are done OVER clothing, in our specialized chair. No messy oils are used, just a natural hand sanitizer used between each session.

How do I participate? We will provide you with a sign-up sheet prior to the day of the event so that your employees can sign up for a 10 minute chair massage at their convenience. On the day of the event, they will receive their free massage during their appointed time slot. Immediately after, they are free to return to work while feeling more energized than before.

How do I book a date? To book a date for your employee pamper event, you can call April with Omaha Bodywork Studio at 402-334-1200. She will work with your schedule to find the best time to set up this free, fun event for you and your employees!

How much room do you need? Our licensed massage therapist will come in and set up in the lobby, reception area, conference room or wherever you would like to hold the event. The space just needs to be big enough for the massage chair, visible to the employees and of course unobtrusive to those who are working.

If you would like to print out the Employee Massage Packet to give to your HR department or whoever makes those decisions, you may do so by clicking on the link below.

Employee Massage Pamphlet